Hello, My name is Jasmine Smith and I am doing a photo blog on Ansel Adams. This blog is going to be about the comparison on my photographs that I took  and compare it to Ansel Adams work. I want to Explain what I was trying to capture while I was taking these photographs. I feel that the photo that were taken resemble each other a lot and it is interesting to me how it came about. Ansel Adams really inspire me and the work that have produced in the last couple of years. I feel his and many other photographer help me growing in the photo field.

Here is a Quick info on Ansel Adams. He was born 1902 and died 1984. He was American and very interested in the environment. He well know for using a black and white large format camera. He created the Zone system which help him create proper exposures.

I am comparing the photos he has done against the ones that have taken. I used a Canon rebel for all of my photographs. Most of these photos have taken during the summer and some a Photoshop. I just hope you enjoy.