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Yosemite Valley Bridge

This photo is wonderful because the reflection in the water and the Bridge that is directly in the middle makes the composition perfect.

Central park Bridge

The water have some reflection, but not clearly. This photo is still interesting because everything in this photo looks calm and very quiet just like Ansel Adams version. The color of the bridge seems to have the same tone as in Ansel Adams photo. The shape of the bridge is exactly the same, its just a different sizes.


Boulder Dam Electrical wires of power unit in Arizona/Navada

I love this because the way the shadows hit the power wires and it gives the view a very dangerous, do not enter look. it doesn’t invite in. it gives warning feel to it.

Central Park Gardens

I like how this photo is inviting and it is the opposite from the boulder dam because you see the same and the shadows at the same time and it more relaxing.

Dogwood Blossoms 1939

This photo seems like it was set up like this and i think it was set up sitting the wood or rock is very interesting composition.

Central Park Garden

The shape of the flowers and the color and the way it was arranged gives it a natural look.

Grass and Rain 1948

The grass is very wet. He wanted to get up close so you can see the details of the wet grass. The photo is so close I can actually feel and smell the wet grass.

Central Park Dry Grass

My version is the opposite and the feeling of dry and warm breeze blowing the grass in many directions. I wanted to get up close just like Ansel did  and just by looking at it, you can feel the grass on your face.

Grand Tetons National Park

Ansel Adams version is way better because he catches the mountain view and this helps makes the photo into a complete composition. the S shape river stream cuts into the photo makes you wonder where is it going.

Crouton Point Park pathway

In this photograph, I took this photo while I was mountain bike riding and i though the S shape road was interesting. It’s a great way to look at something and wonder how far does this road take?

Crouton point park “Lazy River”

This is my opposite Version of the Ansel Adams “Schoodic Point” I was trying to get a more relax side and show a more calm peaceful river. I got a sun good sun reflection in the water and this is something you want to dip your feet in…:)

                          The Atlantic, Schoodic Point

This photograph is very interesting because it makes you wonder where the end  of the river goes. Like the way the shadows hide under the rock. It gives it a mysterious feeling. The water looks rough and intense. I can dip my foot in this.

Weeping Willow Tree

The Weeping Willow Tree is classic. This tree is recognizable especially seeing this in Pocahontas. It was her ancestor who reincarnates into a weeping willow tree and she played a wise character. So, every time I look at this tree it gives this wisdom and comfort. It very interesting to see how it forms and hangs cause they grow differently. This tree I can defiantly sleep under all day.

Jeffrey Pine

This tree  form sort of reminds me of the Weeping willow especially the way it hangs and lean like that. I love how the shadow is cast on the rock. Very nice. I can sleep under this tree too.

Mount Williamson, The Sierra Nevada, from Manzanar, California, 1945

The size of the rocks a perfect and the he was able to catch the sunlight hitting the rocks make look very spiritual.

Crouton point park Rocks and Seaweeds

What attracted me was the color and the sizes. I like how this looked arranged and set to show these specific details. The seaweed made this photo pop out a lot.

Road after Rain, Northern California, 1960

Crouton point park Bridge

I like the never ending round. This style or angle makes you want to know more about the photo. I like the shadows that makes the bridge pathway very small. The end of the bring you can see in the distance make you feel like you are standing there.

Lower Yosemite Fall

This is a very big waterfall compare to one I took. Ansel Adams capture beauty of something so massive. it’s amazing!

Mini Falls

This is a small version of the waters that I took and its was too cute. I went to go put my hands under it and it was freezing. It was a nice peaceful sound coming from the side of this hill and I was shocked to see a mini water fall.