Oak Tree Sunrise

The focal point of the this photograph was the tree and nothing else. The sun in the back creating the shadow was amazing. Ansel Adams is great at getting a good focal. sometimes it one and sometimes it more. He always know how to draw your attention to what exactly he wants to get.

Central Park Tree

I took this photo of the tree because as I was standing in front of it, The angle seemed was perfect. I like I how its right in the middle.


Ansel Adams. Leaf, Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska, 1948.

This photo gave me a better understanding on close up photographs. I can now care more on up  close photos. The glacier leaf reminds me of Christmas.

Green leaves

The color just got me. I took this photo because it was green. I am not sure what plant this was but, it was in central and they were all around.

Mountain Scape

I took this photo on the bridge and it was pretty high up. It was very calm and open. At first i did think the angel was right when i took this, but i got use to it and just to it. this view was very beautiful.

Mt. Moran Grand Tenton

This Black and white photo is very dramatic becuase the greys are dark and the blacks are black and the whites are white.

The Sun is going down.

Crouton point Park

This photo was taking in a very beautiful Park and the Scenery was breath taking. Like wanted to get the same feeling Ansel Adams wanted to bring in his Photos. The makes it very interesting.


Ansel Adams, Lake MacDonald, Glacier National Park 1942

The Feeling I get from the photo is very calm environment nature at it best. I feel that he must have been on a boat to take this shot . I like how the water riffles move as he took this picture.

Ansel AdamsThe Rose on Wood

The rose is a symbol of beauty against a hard cold material, which gives the rose a more defined meaning. The lighting captures the shadow, which make it appear really well against the wood.

Jasmine SmithRed Rose

I gave this rose a more vivid feeling to it. bringing the color and capturing texture. you can feel how soft and moist the pedals are.